Friday, October 30, 2009

Romantic Homes comes to visit...

it was with considerable trepidation that I agreed to have my home photographed, once committed, it was down right panic. One week to get ready, Yikes!!! I shoved things in closets, the garage, the back of my car, some of it may be lost forever! I put the cat in the garage with everything else so I could take the slip covers off the couches, she's such a cute little dirt bag, and yes I found her later, she's only going to put up with the isolation for so long. When Jacqueline, Mark and Laura showed up at my door, it was a relief, by then I'd decided, it is what it is, after all I am a Junk Diva! All three were so friendly, seemed like I'd known them forever! Jacqueline has a sharp eye for composition is very focused and guided the whole process seamlessly. I really tried to stay out of the way, but it wasn't easy since I was so fascinated with all the goings on. I now have a treasured copy of the magazine on my coffee table to remind me of my Christmas in July experience with Romantic Homes.
The December issue is on the magazine stand now.
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