Monday, December 2, 2013

Vintage Christmas Tree

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
at least online!

This is the little tree I keep in the garage with a few
favorite ornaments that I've collected.
Some are handmade by me or my children through the years.
  • Small cloth American flags that have been dyed with a Rit Dye solution.
  • Small folk art stockings hand painted with my folk art designs.
  • Antique framed tin type images from the 1800's, I found at a Garage Sale.
  • Hand painted red and white ornaments found at a thrift store years ago.
  • Red plastic boots from the 60's, I sometimes put small candy canes in them.

Monday, November 11, 2013

California Fall

Love the change of season
 The leaves on the liquidamber will soon be gone
 A few summer petunia's are still holding on

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy October

Click on images to enlarge.

A friend set up shop at an outdoor Flea Market this past Sunday,
pulling her cute little travel trailer loaded with antique and vintage 
items for sale. The three smaller pictures are of the inside, so cozy and cute!
She will soon be selling on line with her own website under the
name of Driving Miz Daisy!
The October weather couldn't have been more spectacular,
 I purchased a small primitive weathered house
 pictured below, now on my dining table.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Early Halloween

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One of my favorite holidays, don't know why
 except maybe I can let my imagination run amuck!

Too early maybe, but this is on my primitive red coffee table,
I'll probably be sick of it before the end of October!

This antique small black chair I use as a backdrop for different
holidays and always have something displayed on it, so
as to discourage friends from using it, as it's a bit fragile!

Time for Fall

Fall Tablescapes

Love the creativity of these table settings,
much more on her website...

Friday, July 26, 2013


Tomato plant on the way out,
just a few left for maybe a salad or
possibly for a small batch of tomato sauce.
I'll miss my little plant, I raised it from a
2" seedling, so sad to see it declining like this!
I'll always have the picture above to remind me 
of our summer together!  ;)

Bring Indoor Décor Outside

Photo by Jamiee Itagaki
Photo by Mark Tanner
Photo by Mark Tanner
Photo by Jamiee Itagaki

By Jacqueline deMontravel

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whitewater Raft For Sale "SOLD"


Avon Pro 16 ft river raft complete with oars and frame. This is an older boat originally with fixed floor (bathtub boat) and since retrofitted as a self bailer with a Riken inflated floor. It is not a pretty boat and still has the patina of difficult to remove Colorado River silt. The thwarts were cut out long ago to provide more cargo room and many D rings added to tie everything down. The boat is not really suitable for short trips but it is excellent for extended river expeditions. I have rowed it on seven Grand Canyon trips ranging from 225 miles to 297 miles and 17 to 21 days, solo and with up to three passengers. It has flipped only once and that due to operator error in a foolhardy high water run to the left on Crystal rapid. It has made multiple runs on all major rivers in the western US including; Main Salmon, Middle Fork Salmon (at Spring runoff rated at beyond extremely hazardous), Hells Canyon of the Snake, Cataract Canyon, Westwater Canyon, Gates of Ladore, Yampa, Rogue, etc. Even though well used the raft is still in excellent serviceable condition. Avon's hypalon tube material never wears out. The tubes have never been patched. It holds air very well, but the valves may be getting a little tired.  One picture shows the raft tied up with others to the cliffs at Havasu Creek when it was a bathtub boat. Another on-the-water picture shows the raft on the Alatna River in Alaska during a two week trip originating North of the Artic Circle.  The wood frame was built in a motel parking lot in Fairbanks. This was a bare bones no frills trip with little equipment since it all had to be flown in via bush plane. The floor was removed and transported separately and breakdown oars allowed airline checked baggage. All equipment shown in the photos is stowed in the all up picture and with the addition of personal stuff, food, beer, etc, the boat is ready for a Grand Canyon voyage.

The young man that purchased the raft lives in Colorado,
he and a friend drove his truck to Calif. the next day, packed
the raft with all the gear in his truck, and headed back to Colo.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Americans have always demonstrated their patriotism and love of country in the design and style of decorative and every day objects.  The use of American themes, such as flags, eagles, shields, the liberty cap and pole, lady liberty and images of our national heroes collectively form a uniquely American style.  These galleries of items in the Rare Flags collection are tied together by their uniquely patriotic and historical motifs.  They highlight some of the many forms that one can encounter when seeking out patriotic and historical Americana. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

has become known for yard / garage sales, and flea markets, so my Junkin' antenna's were up as we drove around the neighborhood! 
Found a few treasures, but at the moment I'll picture the  cute little Doll Shop picture puzzle I found put together and framed in a neighbor's yard, best of all it was free! Thanks Jill, sooo Cute!

The Doll Shop
CLICK image to see larger

Friday, May 24, 2013

Remembering our Military

The Path of the Warrier
I ask only that each of you take a few minutes to watch this video and read with great appreciation the various quotations overlaid on the photos.  And then perhaps you might find just a few seconds, during what I hope will be a wonderful weekend for you and your family, to remember our military past and present and most importantly how they and their family and friends have sacrificed so that we may all enjoy our freedoms.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Photos

While looking back through my files, I kept finding photos
I have taken through the years and thought I would share some of them.
I'll add more as I find them!

Click to enlarge

My little tabby cat Tigre in 1996, she's
still with us, not the mouser she used to be,
but life is still good!
I'm sad to say, 3 weeks after I posted
this favorite picture of Tigre, she developed kidney
disease and was in a lot of pain.
We had to make the decision to have her
put to sleep.
We still feel her presence in the house,
and probably will for some time!

A vintage Royal typewriter in front
of an old movie reel box reflected in the mirror on the side.
Taken in an antique store.

Handyman husband entered his Town and Country Woody 
in a car show last year, didn't win any prize, 
but it was an honor to get in.

Great sunset!

Borrego Springs in March

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Matilija Poppy

My husband took this photo with his cell phone, he discovered them
growing on the slopes along a bike trail in So. California.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Wisteria along side of the garage always spectacular
this time of year in California.
The top pix had a little help from Photoshop!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

W. Seattle Home **SOLD

Sitting on a hill surrounded by trees 
with a partial view of Puget Sound, close 
to restaurants, stores, within walking
distance to Lincoln Park, this is truly
a one of a kind recently remodeled home.
Putting up just a few pictures, there are more 
on the Real Estate site.

CLICK link below.....

Beautiful wood floors
up and downstairs fireplaces
 New cabinets and appliances in kitchen
pass thru bar to living room

 this is one of three upstairs bedrooms
 one bedroom is currently being used as an office