Thursday, February 4, 2010

Girl Power.....

Since starting this blog I've mostly talked about my feeble attempts to improve my little cottage,Oh sure, I can paint, wallpaper, manage a little gardening when the mood strikes me, hunt for antiques, nothing too tough, right? But, I need to say that for the last several years, my inspiration has comefrom my daughter, she's absolutely fearless when it comes to home projects. This fireplace surround is not the only project she's tackled since buying an older home in Washington, but, it's the first really large one. She may correct me on this; I'm just working with my alleged memory!Unlike her mom, she's very organized and detail oriented, which helps She sounded like a contractor while she was working on this, learned how to use all the tools, needed to drag all the materials to the second floor, makes me tired!She did have friends with muscle put up the fire board and square off the opening, but everything else she did by her girlie girl self...Impressive wouldn't you say! She rested a week and then started tearing out the kitchen; she's proof that if you think you can do it, you can!
This 1960's fire place needed a facelift!