Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Photos

While looking back through my files, I kept finding photos
I have taken through the years and thought I would share some of them.
I'll add more as I find them!

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My little tabby cat Tigre in 1996, she's
still with us, not the mouser she used to be,
but life is still good!
I'm sad to say, 3 weeks after I posted
this favorite picture of Tigre, she developed kidney
disease and was in a lot of pain.
We had to make the decision to have her
put to sleep.
We still feel her presence in the house,
and probably will for some time!

A vintage Royal typewriter in front
of an old movie reel box reflected in the mirror on the side.
Taken in an antique store.

Handyman husband entered his Town and Country Woody 
in a car show last year, didn't win any prize, 
but it was an honor to get in.

Great sunset!

Borrego Springs in March