Saturday, December 25, 2010

...Enough about me

I'll have a lot to say about my husbands Town and Country restoration that has taken the last 14 years when I update this post tomorrow! Enjoy the before and after pix until then!

I'm baaack! The before picture above I had not seen until this last year. I remember him telling me 14 years ago he was considering buying it to restore and without seeing it I said sure, if you really want to. Now, had I seen it, my response might have been different, more like...OMG, are you crazy??? fast forward to 2010, easy for me to say as I didn't put a lick of work into it...but, I have to say, he's done an incredible amount of work and an awesome job. This required welding and installing a new floor, having to refurbish all the many small parts, rebuild seats, learn upholstery, as he did all of that, as well including the door panels.
I'm thinking of testing his dressmaking skills! :-)
Hired out the overhaul of the top metal frame, installed the canvas top, hired the wood work, did all the refinishing, installed new disc brakes, modern transmission, the list goes on and on,
I just touched on a few highlights. this picture he's backing out of the shop with only an inch of clearance from the post on the left. It was my job to guide him and of course take a pix or two!
It's very close to being finished, actually it looks good enough to me, but being a perfectionist, he still has a few little things to do.....then on to another car!

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  1. What an amazing transformation, well worth the wait!!! Christie