Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Romantic Antique Lace and Linen

The allure of antique lace and linen has captivated the romantic at heart for centuries.
When I see a beautiful well prepared item of antique lace or linen I think of all the hours of love that went into it's creation or how carefully it was treated to with stand the test of time. Then I also think of how many hours of restoration that might have gone into returning it to its former glory.Through the years I've acquired boxes of lace and linens because I love them and I always intend to restore them, some for myself and some to sell. So far it hasn't happened! Well, this may be the year, the picture above shows that I've started at least! The sweet heart pillow was made by a Junk Diva friend, she's very creative, and it's one of my favorite things, besides with Valentine's Day this Saturday it made for a nice picture. .
If you're interested in caring for your own Vintage and Antique Linens and Textiles you might want to look in on this site..... Caring for Vintage and Antique Linens

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