Monday, July 23, 2012

Handy Man's Mushroom Tie from the 70's

He was still wearing it in the late 70's when I met him, 
I think he might've been smoking a few mushrooms
or something else when he bought it.
I've talked about it, and made fun of it through the
years and he's been a good sport and hasn't once made 
fun of some of my things hanging in my closet
 left from that time.

Now, are you ready for this, 
yesterday I mentioned 
I couldn't think of anything to Blab about on my blog.
This morning he comes out holding his mushroom tie,
and thinks I might be able to use it in a post.
Maybe he thinks someone in blogland will come to his defense!
If ya'll do, I might have to frame it with your comments! :)

Should you want your own mushroom tie,
Zazzle carries a whole line of them! ;)

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