Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mixed Media - Altered Art

Altered Art using mixed media allows me to express myself creatively on paper in spite of the fact that I cannot draw a straight line.
The technique I'm using in these pieces I will try to explain, and also find the web site I discovered that has a video, always best when you have a demonstration.
I mostly use photos and type that appeal to me and 
I've just started, but I'm excited about the endless possibilities.
I only have 4 examples and a collection of small photos and type that I plan to use soon.
The top one is done on a paper tag.
The go antiquing is on a 3" x 4" piece of chipboard.
 assemblage of small photos from a magazine
Some of these images will be used on a box
lid, still a work in progress!
One of the great things about altered art or
in this case decoupage is that  you can
keep making changes until you are pleased with the result.
Almost finished, I have to decide if I want to leave
this alone or add something to it!

Why pay for chipboard when you can find it
free on the back of note pads, the box inserts that divide bottles.
The one below came from a box holding wine.
You can use the cardboard from cereal boxes,
once it's covered up, who will know.

I cut it down to the size I want.

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