Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poison Dirt.....

I have successfully planted all of this large canyon lot over the last 30 years.....well, all but this one stinkin' raised planter.
 I've never been able to get even the easiest of shrubs to grow in it. I've amended the soil year after year with no success. One year I had about 4 ft. of the poison dirt removed and replaced with good soil, *##%#\; nothing, nada, I gave up!

Along comes the handyman husband, looking for a new challenge! You can see it coming, I just know it!
He planted three favorite things, tomatoes, zucchini and pole beans, and everything is thriving. I have been bad mouthing that patch of dirt all over the neighborhood for all these years, but, as the kids say today...go figure! We've had a few zucchini, but will need to wait a while for the tomatoes and beans.
Here 's a pix I took this morning.
Click on the image to see larger picture.
Anyone who's grown zucchini knows
how prolific they are, I'm running out of ways to fix it.
My favorite way is just steamed with a
 little butter, salt and pepper.
The beans are being picked for our dinner every
 other day, I don't think I'll ever get tired of them.
Made Zucchini Bread today, haven't made it in years!

 So good, 
taking some to my neighbor Mary Anne tomorrow.

.....fresh from the garden

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